Welcome to Swedens youngest city

Askås' origins and founding are located in Säffle 25 years back in time. Ever since the start, Askås' Värmland identity has been a fundamental part of the company. The head office is located in central Säffle. Regardless of where our employees live in the urban area, they have cycling distance to work. Living more rural in the municipality is also no problem. By car, there is never more than a 30-minute journey completely without traffic jams.

Four highlights


Medborgarhuset, or "Medis" is a place that is filled with culture, entertainment, events, food and drinks all year round.

Swimming center

Enjoy the swimming center which is one of the most modern in Sweden and the only one in Värmland with 50-meter lanes.

Sporthälla IP

Sporthälla IP was opened in 1934. Today, the facility is a second home for football players and athletes of all ages.

Saga movie theater

In 2020, Sagabiografen celebrated 100 years. Even today, films for Säffle residents of all ages are shown at regular screenings.

Askås Head office – history and future

Askås Head office is a place where 100-year history meets modern technology. In 1918, the building was taken into use as the head office of the Billeruds AB paper company. Today, Askås manages the historical heritage. Instead of paper, market-leading solutions for e-commerce are now "manufactured".

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