Flexible hours

We at Askås believe that people feel good and develop on all levels if they can have a good balance between work and leisure. All our employees are therefore offered flexible working hours. Start an hour earlier or later, have a longer or shorter lunch. We like when an Askås employee does his job but at the same time has time for family, friends and activities outside of work.


As part of keeping our staff healthy and preventing illness, our employees are offered an attractive and well-functioning health insurance. The insurance provides access to counseling, treatment and operations under private auspices without long waiting times. We believe in rapid action, not least for preventive purposes. We protect our employees, we want them to feel good at work and we want to keep sick leave down.


Wellness is also something we are passionate about here at Askås. We want to create opportunities for our employees to incorporate movement and training as a natural part of everyday life. Why not take a run with your colleagues at lunch or go and train at the company's own gym, before or after working hours? Or why not use our wellness grant for what interests you? Askås also arranges continuous activities where we combine fun, team building and wellness.


Askås takes care of its staff and we want everyone to enjoy themselves - both during and outside working hours. It should be natural to gather colleagues for an After work, tag along on our kick-off trips, Christmas dinners or other activities that are arranged. With us, you get lots of wonderful colleagues and you can create lifelong bonds with new acquaintances.


It is important for us that our employees should be covered by good pension and insurance solutions such as TFA and TGL. If you are a permanent employee, we also pay in premium exemptions and old-age pension, already from the age of 18.