Welcome to Sweden's sunniest city

Sunshine, water and Värmland's hospitality - where Sweden's longest river meets the EU’s largest lake, you will find the Karlstad region. The connection to the sun is strong, Karlstad has long been in the top tier among cities with the most hours of sunshine and here lived and worked the innkeeper Eva-Lisa Holtz (1739–1818) - better known as Sola (The Sun) in Karlstad. Askås thrives really well in Karlstad and if you want to be part of our gang in here, we will do everything to make you feel welcome too.

Four highlights


Sandgrundsudden (Cape Sandgrund) is an oasis in the middle of Karlstad. Water, green areas and a cultural life can be found here.


Mariebergsskogen (The forest of Marieberg) is the city park which has free admission and is open every day, all year round.


Karlstad has a fantastic range of food and drinks. Cafes and restaurants with food from all corners of the world are easily found.


A vibrant nightlife and a rich cultural offer. Karlstad can offer culture and entertainment that suits all tastes and ages.

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