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With Askås' e-commerce platform, you get a stable foundation and excellent conditions for your e-commerce investment. In order to really take advantage of the opportunities that Askås technology and features offer, you also need functioning routines, working methods and path choices.

To meet this need, we offer Askås Business Development. Benefit from our expertise about our platform and the industry at large. We can be a sounding board in your decision-making regarding everything from SEO and content to marketing, logistics, customer relations and much more.

Askås e-commerce manager in-house

Marcus Kindbom is an e-commerce consultant at Askås. With his many years of experience as an e-commerce manager for Askås’ customer BRL Electronics, he has relevant competence and broad knowledge.

"To be able to contribute with my knowledge of e-commerce in general, about Askås' e-commerce platform and to be a support in our customers' decision-making processes feels really inspiring"
Marcus Kindbom

What do we offer?

Every e-commerce is unique and it is your conditions that form the basis of the action proposals we will present. In some cases, Askås will be able to implement and carry out the projects together with you. In other cases, our recommendations may entail a need for external partners and specialists in various fields. Maybe you should work differently with your marketing, your logistics, content and SEO.

Askås Affärsutveckling - Nykundsprojekt
  • For new customers
    Starting e-commerce means that a large number of decision need to be made and preferably in the right order and time. Having access to Askås Business Development during a project where a new e-commerce is to be built will make the "journey" to the launch easier and more efficient.
Askås Affärsutveckling - Löpande
  • Continuously
    If you want ongoing support, you have the opportunity to work with Askås Business Development for a longer period. This gives you a resource you can use as a sounding board in your decision-making and you decide for yourself how much time you want to "buy", how often the contacts should be kept and for how long the support should be there.
Affärsutveckling Askås - Försäljning
  • Sales
    Do you want help identifying obstacles and opportunities regarding your sales? Together we create a plan to bring about a positive change and generate growth. It can be about more comprehensive conversion optimization, simpler measures to increase your order value and how you should think before important sales periods such as Black Week.
Affärsutveckling Askås - Kundrelationer
  • Customer relations
    Nurturing the customer relationship in different ways is definitely crucial to success. We can help you identify potential for improvement regarding various contact routes to customers. Maybe you can work differently with newsletters, loyalty building and customer service. We can propose and help with both small and large measures to strengthen your relationships with customers in the long term.

Askås Affärsutveckling - Logistik
  • Logistics
    How’s things in your warehouse? Do you pick and pack efficiently or can you change your routines to save time and money? Together with you, we can carry out a review and come up with proposals for small and more extensive measures that can make your everyday logistics smoother.
Askås Affärsutveckling - Varumärke
  • Branding
    How do you work with your brand today and is there room to change and strengthen your identity? A flawed brand strategy means you are not capitalizing on the business opportunity you actually have. Askås can make suggestions for smaller efforts for rapid improvement, but also identify any need for more extensive measures to strengthen your brand in the long term.
Askås Affärsutveckling - Funktioner
  • Features in Askås
    Are you using Askås’ e-commerce platform in the right way or are there functions and opportunities you are not taking advantage of? Askås Business Developer Marcus Kindbom can guide you in the right direction and give tips on how you can work differently, efficiently and take advantage of the platform's full potential.
Askås Affärsutveckling - Organisation
  • Organisation
    Using your existing resources in the right way is important, not least in situations where resources are limited. We can review your organization and come up with suggestions for optimizations. Of course, we can be there as a support in your work, but also identify what needs you have regarding your own skills development and possible new recruitments.

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