Bengans in the group Merchants at Askås I&R AB (ref_bengans)

Bengans och Askås reaching for new levels

The premises on Stigbergstorget in Majorna have an abundance of built-in history and character. We are visiting Bengans, Sweden's most traditional and probably strongest brand when it comes to record sales. 

The summer of 2016 marked the beginning of the collaboration between the "music nerds" from Gothenburg and us at Askås. The goal since then is for Bengan's e-commerce to reach new levels.

Bengans uses

Askås Marketing Automation
Askås Marketing Automation is a versatile CRM system for automated e-mail and SMS-communication.
Product Filtering
Filtering of products by properties, product groups, brands, price and much more.
Campaign Module
In the campaign module, you manage everything related to campaigns in an efficient and flexible way.
Askås Product Engine
Lightning fast product listing, filtering and search functionanlity. A part of Askås Enterprise.