Landshopping in the group Merchants at Askås I&R AB (ref_landshopping)

Land Shopping will make Sweden grow

After an intensive and ambitious project in 2019, was launched - an e-commerce and marketplace on Askås platform. LRF Media is a customer and Askås has developed a marketplace where local retailers from all over Sweden can sell their products.

LRF Media's vision is for the whole country to grow and with Askås Marketplace as a basis, Land Shopping gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products to a large target group.

Landshopping uses

Askås Marketplace
Askås Marketplace is our own digital markeplace based on Askås e-commerce platform.
Product Filtering
Filtering of products by properties, product groups, brands, price and much more.
Askås e-commerce platform have a number of features in regards to the european legislation GDPR.
Freight and Logistics
Askås has versatile features and integrations to leading partners in shipping and logistics.