In the front with Askås Enterprise

For e-retailers with a really high volume of traffic and need for market-leading performance and operational reliability, we offer Askås Enterprise. The high-end plan gives access to Askås Product Engine – a technology that delivers lightning-fast product listing, market-leading filtering and excellent search functionality.

  • What is Askås Enterprise?
    Askås Enterprise is the most advanced packaging of Askås e-commerce platform. If you choose Enterprise, you will get access to a large majority of our effective functionality. The main role in Enterprise is played by Askås Product Engine - a proprietary technology with market-leading performance and function regarding product listings, filtering and search.
  • Who should choose Enterprise?
    Of course, everyone has the opportunity to choose the Enterprise version of our e-commerce platform right from the start. But primarily the packaging is aimed at e-retailers who have already reached a high level in terms of sales, number of customers and traffic volume.

    If you choose Enterprise, you can feel confident that you will be at the forefront when it comes to performance, search functionality and reliability.

    We have many customers who have started their e-commerce journey with Askås on a relatively small scale. Care of Carl and Bangerhead are two examples of this. They have grown with Askås for several years and today they are two of our customers who benefit from Enterprise.
  • How does Askås Product Enginge work?
    Askås Product Engine is only available to e-retailers who choose Askås Enterprise. The proprietary technology means that everything that has to do with different types of product listings is operated via a separate VPS (Virtual Private Server).

    Categories/product groups, filtering, searches and all other product listings are handled outside the normal database. This provides high site speed and stability even during high traffic peaks.

    With Enterprise and Askås Product Engine, you also get access to a really competitive search function. The "search" launched in Version 2.0 gives you opportunities to really guide the end customers and thereby increase the conversion rate.

Go for a ride

Check out our demo site for Enterprise and Askås Product Engine and get a feel for the speed, search functionality and filtering.

Teknikproffset flyger emd Askås Enterprise takes off with Enterprise

"The upgrade to Enterprise was an important step. In connection with that, we were able to "take home" many functions that we previously outsourced to third parties. These include product recommendations and searches. This means that we save money and get a more stable site. "

Mårten Åkeson, CEO and co-founder, Proteinbolaget

More customers who "drives" Askås Enterprise

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Enterprise Search in Version 2.0

If you choose Askås Enterprise, you do not need to look around for external search services. The built-in search functionality in Askås Product Engine is constantly being developed and it has now been launched in Version 2.0.

All searches are saved and used as a foundation for powerful search features. Via the search statistics, you can easily identify search terms that do not generate hits and take measures that lead the customers right.

You can display popular and trending searches in the search box and the customer can search in web pages and blog posts.

Dynamic filtering based on the products in the search selection makes it easy for your customers to find the right products and content.

Four arguments for Askås Enterprise

Enterprise ger högsta prestanda

  • Performance
    Enterprise delivers top results in terms of product listing, filtering and search functionality. The structure of the solution with product data on own servers relieves the normal database and thus provides a general increase in performance and stable operations.

Enterprise ger hög driftsäkerhet

  • Reliability
    With Askås Enterprise and Askås Product Engine, you know that your web shop can withstand high traffic peaks and really high conversions. It is easy to quickly scale up the server capacity and redundant servers are of course a possibility.

Askås Enterprise ger bra sökfunktionalitet

  • Search feature
    With Enterprise and Askås Product Engine, you get access to a number of really useful search features. All searches are saved and used as data. Via the search statistics, you can easily identify search terms that do not generate hits and take action.

Höj konverteringen med Askås Enterprise

  • Conversion
    A customer-friendly and efficient search feature that provides relevant and accurate search results is a sure way to get the conversion. If you also have a really fast site without bottlenecks, the basic prerequisites for higher conversion are in place.