Wasa Kredit

Payments - PSP
Wasa Kredit in the group Integrations & Partners at Askås I&R AB (kopplingar_wasakredit)

Rent, Lease, and Invoice with Wasa Kredit

Offer your customers flexible financing for goods that would otherwise tie up a lot of capital. Wasa Kredit's payment solution allows you to add leasing, renting, and invoicing as part of your checkout. A definite win-win, where you get more – and happier – customers.

Wasa Kredit Checkout

Wasa Kredit Checkout is an integrated payment method in Askås' cash register and includes the payment methods of leasing, renting, and invoice purchase.

Benefits for you as an e-commerce merchant

  • You get the money immediately
  • Make more and larger deals
  • You avoid unnecessary administration
  • Secure signing with mobile BankID

Benefits for your customers

  • Your customer can grow without tying up capital
  • Financial planning with fixed monthly payments
  • No down payment
  • No depreciation of equipment

A Payment Solution That's Easy to Add

Wasa Kredit helps you add leasing and renting as part of your e-commerce. The whole process is automated and works just as well for you as an established e-commerce merchant as it does for you who have just started your online store.

Clear Monthly Costs on Product Pages

Your customers easily get an idea of the monthly costs via a pop-up on your product pages, where they can also learn more about leasing or renting.