Sharespine in the group Integrations & Partners at Askås I&R AB (kopplingar_sharespine)

Strong connection with Askås and Sharespine

Sharespine has together with Askås developed specific integrations that automate flows between online stores, ERP systems and various payment services. We simply tell your ERP system when an item is sold, or sold out - and ensure that the invoice is posted.

We also arrange for payments from, for example, Klarna, Nets Easy or Svea Webpay to be reconciled automatically. In this way, you get a more efficient online store that speaks the same language as your other systems in terms of product, price, stock, order status - and orders including customer.

The systems we connect with Askås e-commerce include Visma Administration, Visma .net ERP, Fortnox, Visma eAccounting, Mamut. We can also connect to marketplaces such as Elgiganten, Afound, Åhlens Marketplace etc.

Stable integrations for e-commerce

With our integrations, you will start automating various processes that give you more time to focus on growth. We have a large selection of integrations that can streamline your online store and thus give you the conditions to handle increased order volume and reduced manual work.

About Sharespine

Sharespine is a Nordic IPaaS company (Integration-Platform-as-a -Service) that delivers premium integrations to merchants who want to streamline their business. We operate the integrations in our own integration platform with connections to various areas in retail where we connect financial systems and e-commerce external systems.

Our expertise is based on deep technical know-how to automate flows that eliminate manual work and create conditions for growth. In a changing retail, we stand with our feet on the ground when you need knowledge, service and security.

Pros with Sharespine

Leading provider of Integrations with Nordic focus and long experience.
Gathers all integrations in one platform.
We give you access to tools that make you ready to scale up your store.
Access to dedicated support and the opportunity for your own contact person.


Installation: 4 995 SEK
Licensing cost: 595 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

For more information:
031-704 38 00