Data protection policy

Data protection policy and information security

At Askås, we protect the privacy and security of our customers. Our Data Protection Policy explains how we collect and use your personal information and what rights you have towards us.

When you become a customer of Askås I&R AB (556639-5256), you accept the processing described in our Data Protection Policy. Askås is the Personal Data Manager for the information we handle about you as a customer. That relationship is governed by our general terms and conditions and this Data Protection Policy.

We work continuously to improve our process and the handling of your personal data. This means that we may update our Data Protection Policy and we recommend that you read the document at regular intervals. In the event of significant changes to the policy, we always inform our customers.

How does Askås handle my personal information?

Askås registers and handles personal information in cases where it is required for us to be able to deliver a functioning service and product to you as a customer, or to fulfill agreements and obligations under law. The information is stored for as long as we need it to meet the above requirements.

What information about you do we collect and why?

In connection with you entering into a service agreement with Askås, we need the following information: Name, company name, organization number, e-mail address, telephone number and postal address. We handle and save this information in order to invoice you as a customer in a correct and legal manner.

We may send out e-mails to all customers, such as notifications of malfunctions or changes in terms of use. Such messages are sent to the e-mail address specified by the customer. We can also send out e-mails about product news or information that we think you as a customer are interested in.

Voluntary information

When you contact Askås Support via or, the personal information you self uses. In addition to the e-mail address you email us from, this also includes personal information in text format, such as a telephone number you wish to be contacted at. We save the information to be able to offer a personal and relevant support service at future contacts.

You can also communicate with Askås through social media. When you do this, the respective data protection policy (or equivalent policy) applies to each platform. We use social media and the information you provide is on a par with what we are allowed to do according to their policy.

Automatically collected data

When you use our services, we store and manage data about how you use them. In some cases, the information is shared with selected third-party providers of marketing and analytics tools, in order to offer you a better experience. This can be done by using cookies. Read our cookiepolicy

Examples of other automatically collected information include:

  • IP addresses from logs in the systems we use to manage our services when you log in, e.g. our e-commerce platform.
  • Information from social media in accordance with the owner company's policy.

Does Askås have a Personal Data Agreement?

Yes. To make it easier for you as a customer in your work with GDPR, we have developed a Personal Data Agreement based on the IT & Telekomföretagens terms and conditions "Special provisions for the processing of personal data in connection with Cloud Services" which you can sign with us. This has been sent to all Askås customers within the e-commerce platform service.

Contact if you have questions about the Personal Data Agreement.

What rights do I have as a customer?

As a customer to Askås, you always have the right to receive the information we saved about you. As a customer, you are entitled to one (1) free export of data per year. You send your request to and we usually handle it within 30 days. If we notice that it will take longer, you will be informed why and if there are any other obstacles.

To ensure that we share the information with the right person, you as a customer must send in a picture of a valid ID document in connection with request. The image on the ID document will be deleted as soon as the request has been processed.

You have the right to ask us to delete all information we have saved about you (The right to be forgotten). Note that due to the Accounting Act (1999: 1078) and other relevant laws, we sometimes have to save information even after such a request has been handled.

Data protection representative

If you have questions regarding the handling of your data, contact our data protection representative, who is your representative at Askås. You can reach this function at the e-mail address

Supervisory authority

If you want to make a complaint concerning Askås' handling of personal data, you should contact the supervisory authority Datainspektionen. You can find their contact information at